Save valuable time, money, and resources by eliminating the need to invest in costly imagery, database development, and storage.

Presagis SEGen Server (SEGen) is a cost-effective server-based software solution for low-cost generation of high-fidelity, highly realistic synthetic environments for training, and development or prototyping of R&D simulation applications.

SEGen delivers an open, affordable, standards-based solution to generate, and make changes to, highly realistic synthetic environments at run-time or offline to disk. SEGen enables project managers, database developers, and visualization teams to quickly deliver realistic, large-area terrain representations of any location on the globe. Click here to learn more.

Download the Presagis SEGen Server FAQ below or watch an informative webinar by clicking here.


  • Generate realistic environments ‘on-the-fly’ of any geographic area on the globe
  • Break cost & time boundaries associated with development of very large/highly detailed databases
  • Ensure correlation between simulation and visualization applications and eliminate the need & time associated with developing different databases


  • Generate data up to 1M resolution
  • Display both generated imagery alongside real world imagery without, or with minimal, required manual editing of the database
  • Quickly generate any new imagery, raster material, and man-made objects from modified Common Database (CDB) data


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